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The Smartest Solution In India

Pioneers in end-to-end Integrated model, Aaveg is an undisputed leader in providing Employee Commute as an end-to-end, fully Managed Service. We have been bringing paradigm shift in the way corporate employee transport is managed in the country. This comes easy to us as our team harnesses over three decades of industry experience and subject-matter expertise. We can emphatically claim that with our solutions in this domain we have brought paradigm shift to the way organisation provide the following services to their employees:

Benefits to clients

It all starts with Consultative Approach for solutions customised to specific needs of each client. This helps us provide unmatched benefits to our clients. Our clients get many or all of the following benefits

  • Benchmark services for maximised employee comfort and thus enhanced productivity.
  • Enhanced OTA, OTD, utilisation and employee satisfaction.
  • Cost benefits with added advantage of annually reducing costs.
  • Elimination in complexities of dealing with multiple parties.
  • Significant reduction in procedures, audit requirement and resource allocation for managing operations.
  • Conformance to benchmark service standards, regulations, compliance and regulatory norms.
  • Fillip to clients’ efforts in getting higher rank in ‘Great Place to Work’.

The Path to Elation

It is like dexterously putting together all the pieces of the jigsaw for building the comprehensive work of art for each client – bespoke and comprehensive.

  • Building a robust blueprint with program design, re-engineering, service enhancement.
  • Deployment of the most complex and core component of the project – qualified, trained, verified and professional chauffeurs.
  • Induction of a robust framework – 100% compliant and fresh fleet for optimally enhanced quality of services.
  • Supplementing with complete, real-time control and enhanced performance through an enabling technology platform – custom-made by the industry experts.
  • Maximised Safety and Security of company employees.
  • Cost containment, customised remuneration and billing models.

The Secret Sauce

There are reasons why we are one of the most preferred providers in the country. And it is not without a reason that our clients are simply delighted with our services. All our solutions are built around the tenets of going one step extra in setting industry benchmarks. This is supplemented by our code of ethics which ensures we adopt fair methods and claim only what is rightfully ours.

Some key ingredients to our impeccable record:

Comprehensive, all-inclusive, end-to-end solutions

Beneficial consulting, unmatched army of professional chauffeurs, fleet of optimally chosen vehicles, enabling technology platform, benchmark processes & procedures, customized remuneration & billing models, strict safety and security protocols, robust escalation resolution mechanism and everything in between.

Aaveg team ensures that our client teams are relieved of bothersome handling of multiple suppliers, providers and vendors. We minimize your administrative workload so let your organization do the job core to your business. Because we do what we are particularly good at – taking care of all your needs for employee ground transportation, across the nation. 

Consultative Approach

What we do is quite different from usual industry practices. Our expert team are reputed for putting your needs first. We spend time and resources to understand your business and your exclusive needs. Though it may take a few extra days we customize optimal solutions for your organization. After all, we are not talking about one instance, we are talking about fruitful, life-long relationships.

The Safety Net

Aaveg does not compromise on the requisites of any program, nor does it cut corners anywhere. It becomes even more rigorous when it comes to the comprehensive safety net. This comprises following three main components.

Safety of passengers, i.e., employees of your organization – our impeccable record is impregnable because we put indomitable checkpoints at each step – chauffeur screening, vehicle compliance, in-app safety alarms, 24X7 back-end support, rider feedback mechanism and much more.

Security – With us you can be sure that we shall give an uptick to the standards of your existing program. Over that we shall ensure that we deploy fleet of vehicles which are the most suitable in terms of performance, safety standards and least prone to breakdowns.

Compliance – Aaveg team ensures our operations are compliant with prevailing regulations and protocols applicable in India and each respective state. Be it vehicle related or EHS compliance, COVID-19 protocol, labor laws, organizational procedures, cultural needs, or anything stipulated by our clients.

Cherry on the Pie

All these elements of perfect bliss and still you are always in the know with real-time information. Be it reporting dashboards, real-time monitoring, ongoing program usage, vehicle tracking, performance parameters, intelligent analytics, smart reporting or the enabling technology platform, you always have the overriding control.

Cost Containment

The subject-matter expertise that our industry veterans bring to the table, complemented with the modern-day technology and tools you are assured that you stretch your Rupee to the maximum without compromising on industry benchmark of service. Connect with some of our clients and you shall know how they have been able to add directly to their bottom-line, employee satisfaction, employee productivity and they still get to achieve better efficiencies every year.

What We do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – enhanced profitability, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & Productivity, peace of mind and contemporary business practices. Industry veterans and skilled analysts working with Aaveg have profound understanding of Employee requirements to provide solutions creating benchmarks across industries.